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In traditional learning methods, physical resources such as books and training materials often remain isolated from the vast digital resources available online. This results in limited and fragmented learning. How do you bridge this gap? QR codes that can dynamically link to digital resources create a seamless connection between physical and digital learning resources. This provides anytime, anywhere access to trustworthy and relevant digital content,augmenting standard physical learning material.
In DIKSHA, a national education platform by NCERT, this solution is implemented across most of the central and state education departments. QR codes are placed in every chapter/topic of a textbook. Students and teachers access a wide variety of trusted, relevant learning resources for a given topic such as visual concept explanations, practice questions for exams, lesson plans for teaching etc, all while being able to conveniently access and learn from anywhere, anytime. The linked content is refreshed at different times as per the needs. There are 12 Bn+ QR codes printed in 600 Mn+ textbooks linked to 200 K+ digital contents in 33 languages, with a potential reach of 180 Mn+ Students and 8 Mn+ Teachers in India.
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