imagine possibilities

Saving lives through the organ donor pledge registry
Overcoming fragmented learning by providing access to trustworthy learning material
Provide voice-based information on transaction status at scale, for example, for farmers
Enable data-driven decision making by digitizing physical assets
Empower sharing of best practices among urban planners by setting up a learning platform
Store and share verified credentials with interested parties using digital credential wallets

Sunbird is designed for diversity and scale so that it caters to multiple domain needs across the globe.

Designed to support multiple languages and multiple solutions by providing configurable, extendable and modular building blocks
Can be configured and extended by any organization be it government, non-profit, or private to run a platform that enables solutions in their context and domain.

decoding opportunities


Journey from past and present state to the future desired state.

decoding opportunities


Seeing patterns, connections, gaps and opportunities. Imagining possibilities by connecting the dots & data.


Scaling up, entering new territories, creating new network and new markets.


Bonds and relations that create or builds new ideas, products, solutions and possibilities.

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