Privacy Policy
This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) defines the rights in relation to User (as defined in the Terms of Use) information, and answers questions that you may have about the manner in which User information may be collected, used, stored, transferred, disclosed and safeguarded. Most importantly, this Privacy Policy will explain the following in some detail:

  1. The type of User information collected;
  2. Why this User information will be collected;
  3. When and how this User information shall be used;
  4. Who this User information will be shared with.

By accessing or Using the Website and/or providing your information, you are accepting the terms of our Privacy Policy, you confirm that you are legally competent to form a legally binding contract and consent to the collection and use of the information you disclose on the Website by the Foundation in accordance with these Terms. Defined terms not specifically defined herein, shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms of Use.

1. Types of Information we Collect
We collect the following types of information (hereinafter collectively referred to as the information):
  1. If you’re just browsing the Website, we collect the same basic information that most websites collect through the use of common internet technologies, such as cookies. The information we collect about all Users of our Website includes anonymous User behaviour such as User’s country of origin, device type, pages viewed, buttons clicked, and the date and time of this activity. 
  2. No personal information or personally identifiable information of the User nor sensitive personal information of the User is collected by us unless you choose to provide us with your information such as your name, email address, GitHub user credentials, or any other details you provide by:
    1. emailing us at,
    2. Contacting us via the Website
    3. Registering for our webinars, and/or
    4. Engaging with the Sunbird community through the use of your GitHub account. 
  3. The Sunbird AI Assistant, a chatbot for Sunbird-related queries, does not collect or store any information, including personal information or personally identifiable information nor sensitive personal information of the User. It only gathers voluntary User feedback on response effectiveness, which is used solely for performance improvement.
  4. The information you provide us will be stored and guarded by the following entity: EkStep Foundation; E-mail: The Foundation is not responsible for any personal information or sensitive personal information being collected by other platforms, websites, third-party services or external links or Assets linked on the Website. All such third party Asset creators are bound by the respective data protection laws applicable to them and should have their own terms of use and privacy policy documents which would be applicable to such Asset creators.
2. Purpose of collection and use of this information
    1. To understand the needs of the User in order to further support the User’s requirements;
    2. To provide the User the appropriate Assets relevant to them and for their benefit;
    3. To empower the User with information with regards to their own requirements and their own Assets;
    4. To better understand our User’s preferences, likes and dislikes and support their experience on the Website;
    5. To have quick access to the information which will in turn help us to provide our Users with a customized user experience that caters to their preferences
    6. Anonymized data about the requirements and Use of Assets by the Users using the Website may be published and put into the public domain.
    7. With regards to information collected on the Website, we collect and store information for authentication purposes and in order to study Asset requirement trends and usage patterns of Users.
3. Disclosure and Transfer
We will not publish or disclose your User information without your prior consent, unless

(i) the law requires us to do so,
(ii) you have consented to disclosure of the information, or
(iii) it is required to do so in order to provide services to you.

We will make sure that
whoever we share the information with will also adhere to strict non-disclosure and confidentiality requirements. We will not transfer the information to any third party without your prior consent. If any information is transferred, it will be to a third party that ensures the level of data protection that the User collecting the information has adopted, as provided for under the Indian laws currently in force.
4. Security Practices and Procedures
We ensure the confidentiality and security of the information by implementing reasonable and appropriate security practices and procedures that includes administrative, physical security and technical controls in order to safeguard your information in accordance with Indian laws currently in force, including the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011.
5. Access to user Information
If you want to change, alter or otherwise modify or update your information, at any time please contact us at
Do note the Foundation reserves the rights to save any non-personal, device information and usage information and you are not entitled to seek the deletion of the same. The Foundation at its sole discretion may permit or deny the change of any information, if it is believed the same is required to observe applicable laws.
6. Links to other websites
    1. We may, on the Website, provide links to third-party websites or applications, which in turn may collect information about you. We will not be responsible or liable for the privacy standards, practices and policies implemented on such websites.
    2. Pages that have YouTube videos embedded, may allow YouTube to collect information about you. Please read YouTube’s Privacy Policy to learn more.
    3. Assets that are software code and are released under Sunbird are hosted on microsites linked on the Website, and these microsites are powered by GitBook. GitBook collects user information which may include anonymous user statistics for pages viewed (browser type, date and time of usage, IP address, etc.) Please read GitBook’s Privacy Statement to learn more.
    4. We provide links to the Sunbird code repository and discussion forum on GitHub, a website and cloud-based service that allows us to store and manage our code, as well as track and control changes to the code. GitHub collects information such as full name and a valid email address during account creation. Please read the GitHub Privacy Statement to learn more about when and how GitHub may collect information about its users.
    5. Through the Website, you can also access our JIRA Board that helps us with issue tracking and product management. The JIRA Board displays the issues our team is currently working on. Both; JIRA and Confluence are services that have been developed by Atlassian, an Australian software company. Please read Atlassian’s Privacy Policy to learn more.
    6. We may, from time to time, host online events/webinars through the use of Zoom and/or Google Meet. If you choose to register, the registration information you provide, which may include name and contact information, responses to registration questions and other registration information will be safeguarded by us in the manner detailed under this Privacy Policy, but it may also be collected and processed by zoom or Google Meet. Please read Zooms Privacy Statement and Google’s Privacy Policy to learn more.

7. Use of Cookies
Cookies are a feature of web browsers that allow web servers to temporarily store information within your browser. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. We encourage you to accept the cookies we serve. However, if you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by our or any other website, you can do this through your browser settings. You should be aware, however, that by doing so you may not be able to make full use of all the functions of our Website.
We place the following cookies on your device when you browse this Website:

    1. Google Analytics: The Website uses Google Analytics; a web analysis service of Google, Inc. Google Analytics employs cookies that are stored to your computer in order to facilitate an analysis of your use of the Website. The information generated by these cookies, such as time, place and frequency of your visits to our Website, including your IP address, is transmitted to Google’s location in the US and stored there.
      Google Analytics also offers a deactivation add-on for most current browsers that provides you with more control over what data Google can collect on websites you access. The add-on tells the JavaScript (ga.js) used by Google Analytics not to transmit any information about website visits to Google Analytics. However, the browser deactivation add-on offered by Google Analytics does not prevent information from being transmitted to us or to other web analysis services we may engage. You can find additional information on the Google Analytics Opt-out browser add-on Download Page.
      Additionally, Google Analytics cookies may be embedded in GitBook, a knowledge-sharing documentation platform used by us to host Assets and facilitate better collaboration. A new visitor receives a cookie warning and has the option to reject all cookies. Please read the GitBook Cookie Policy to learn more.

    2. Third-party Cookies: Pages that have YouTube videos embedded may enable YouTube to set certain cookies. Read YouTube’s Cookie Policy for more details. Similarly, GitHub uses its own cookies for analytics purposes. You can learn about this in GitHub’s Privacy Statement and on the GitHub Subprocessors and Cookies Page.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy is subject to revision at any time, as determined by the Foundation, without notice, and any such changes are effective immediately upon being updated on the Website. Any continued access and use of the Website thereafter will be deemed to be an acceptance of these changes by you. You are strongly advised to periodically check this Privacy Policy for revisions regarding the use of your information.
9. Complaints
We take our responsibility towards ensuring the privacy and security of your information very seriously. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact the Foundation at
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