Tarento Technologies Private Ltd

Program Management Development Testing Tech Operations Cloud SaaS/PaaS Sunbird Architecture Consulting Sunbird design services

  • Solutioning, engineering and implementation of multiple National Scale programs using Sunbird Building blocks in public/private cloud and Govt infrastructure
  • Installation and customization of Sunbird Ed
  • Implementation of Online Registry use cases using Sunbird RC, building use case related workflows.
  • Solutioning and implementation of Indic language Translation and transliteration use cases using Sunbird AI Building blocks
  • OCR based Solutioning using Sunbird Saral 6) Architecture and Design Consulting for Sunbird based projects and programmes

Contact Person

Name: Thillai Rajan

Title: Sunbird Practice Head

Email ID.

Got a question about our Sunbird building blocks? Ask me anything on Educator (ED), Co-creator (coKreat), Librarian (Knowlg), Examiner (inQuiry), Learner (Lern) & Observer (Obsrv)