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Individuals, organisations and governments around the world are coming together to build a more equitable world by leveraging the power of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and communities. The journey to achieve this equitable world is made up of several micro-movements. Collectively, these micro-movements are transformational in the impact they can deliver to people. Framewirk's mission is to ensure the success of these micro-movements powered by DPGs and we deploy a program management approach to achieve this. We understand the complexity of the journey to build and grow a DPI or a community and offer end-to-end program management services to achieve success. We possess ample experience in growing Digital Public Infrastructure starting from the conceptualisation phase, identifying the initial adopters, and ultimately establishing a community-oriented approach to ensure the sustenance and expansion of the DPI. Services We offer

  • Program Management for population-scale projects: We assess the needs of wide-ranging personas to manage diversity at scale, co-conceptualize the program to define and drive value for multiple enterprise-stakeholders
  • Community Lifecycle Management: We co-build your DPI community including conceptualisation, launch planning & execution and operations management
  • DPI Lifecycle Management: We hold deep expertise in building, increasing the adoption and usage of DPIs by working with thinkers, policymakers, sponsors, designers, developers and consumers
  • Business Model Creation for enabling livelihood: We specialize in designing detailed business models and templates that can be used to drive mass entrepreneurship and help build sustainable livelihoods
  • Purpose-driven, crowd-sourced expert community creation: We help you identify, train, curate and sustain a purpose-driven, diverse and productive community of gig workers to augment your internal team capacity

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