An open infrastructure for organising knowledge across various learning content and frameworks to solve easy discoverability of relevant content.

Expert created taxonomies are highly sophisticated, as communities and content scale, it is very difficult for a community user to understand the taxonomy and it takes significant discipline to tag content. Taxonomy and tagging infrastructure is a generic service which allows highly automated way to create and enrich taxonomies and allow tagging, aggregation and categorisation of content.


  • Semantic Search and Discovery
  • Multilingual Search and Discovery 
  • Ability to create vocabularies
  • Curation and tagging tools
  • Auto-tagging using Machine Learning
  • Telemetry data for policy making


Use Cases

There are more than ten million teachers in India, many syllabi, many textbooks, varied pedagogic styles, methods, teaching techniques, and wide diversity of student demographics and contexts. Taxonomy and tagging infrastructure makes it possible to easily categorise knowledge and makes it discoverable.