Sunbird® is a set of configurable, extendable, modular building blocks for learning and human development designed for scale and open sourced under MIT license.

It is designed to support multiple languages and multiple teaching and learning solutions by providing the building blocks for the development of platforms and learning solutions to suit various use cases, contexts and needs. It can be used by any organization, be it government, non-profit, or private. Sunbird also comes with reference solutions built by the community that can be readily used. Architecture of Sunbird is purposely designed in a generalized and externalized manner, it can be configured and extended by any organization to run a platform that enables solutions in their context and domain. Sunbird is designed for diversity and scale so that it caters to multiple domain needs; and scale & diversity of India. 

Sunbird has been developed by EkStep Foundation to fulfil it's education mission to enhance access to learning opportunities at scale for millions of learners particularly in the K-12 space. The Sunbird community is growing with adoption and contributions from various individuals and organisations. Sunbird building blocks are being used in diverse areas such as education, health, lifelong learning, among others. 

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