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There are various user roles on Sunbird. Each user has a unique role to play in their respective organizations. Organization administrators assign one or many responsibilities to users on Sunbird. Extending the literal meaning of workspace, a space to work, Sunbird provides a unique workspace to suit the work needs of each user.

In this section of documentation, we discuss the workspace of users who create and curate content on Sunbird.


Step Screen
1. You are logged in
2. You have clicked on Profile tab
3. You want to view your workspace, you have clicked on View your workspace
1. Alternatively, you can click Workspace from the profile drop-down menu

Understanding your Workspace

The workspace interface varies based on the role assigned to the user. For instance, a book reviewer has only the create book tile, while a content content would have all the tiles viz., collection, course, lesson plan, and, study material. The image used displays all the options in the workspace as it would appear for an organization administrator.

Step Screen
In your Workspace you can:
a. Create Book, Course, Study material, Collection, Lesson plan
b. View content drafts which are not send for review
c. View list of content submitted for review
d. View published content
e. View all uploaded content
f. View list of content submitted for review. This option is available only for a content reviewer
g. View all the course batches you are enrolled in
h. View all flagged content. This option is available only for a flag content reviewer
i. View list of content that which have been shared to a specific audience. To read more on limited sharing feature, refer refer Limited Publishing and Sharing

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