Installation Overview

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Plan, Install and Configure Sunbird

The deployment of Sunbird in a live environment requires several distributed components. Before you start installation, check and decide the following:

Size and Verify Your Environment

Requirements for Sunbird installation depend on the environment on which you install Sunbird and how you use Sunbird. For details, check the Prerequisites section for your chosen installation method. For example; if you choose to do a medium scale deployment of Sunbird, check here

Choosing an Installation method

Based on your usage and the level of complexity which you are comfortable with, choose from among the different options available for installing and running Sunbird.


If you install Sunbird in any environment or choose any method of installation, the basic minimum prerequisites are:

  • Use of a Linux OS flavor (developer installation is possible on MacOS)
  • Comfort with use of a terminal as Sunbird installation is triggered from a command-line terminal

Note: The prerequisites are not necessary to try the sandbox option

Installation options

Try Sunbird

If you are looking to experiment with Sunbird and test its feature set, we recommend you use the Sunbird sandbox which is running in the cloud.

Note: Data created in the sandbox is erased after 24 hours

Extend Sunbird

If you plan to modify and contribute code to the Sunbird project, we recommend you Install Sunbird on Laptop. This allows you to get started quickly and help extend Sunbird.

Deploy Sunbird for up to 10 Thousand Users

If you plan to run Sunbird for up to 10 thousand users, we recommend you follow the Medium scale deployment process. This option uses less resources to run Sunbird and has some limits on how much the installed application can scale.

Deploy Sunbird for over 10 Thousand Users

If you plan to run Sunbird in a setting with over 10 thousand users, we recommend you follow the Large scale deployment process. This will deploy Sunbird to a cloud-hosting provider of your choice in a fully containerized manner. The containers allow you to scale the resources Sunbird consumes based on the usage.

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