About Sunbird

In the context of education, learning outcomes are a result of concerted, coordinated efforts by the government, multiple organizations and individuals. Traditionally, even slight improvements require a multi-year, multi-stakeholder, open, iterative and collaborative commitment from participating stakeholders. The advent of technology in education has significantly improved learning outcomes. Sunbird, utilizes the power of technology with the objective of improving teaching and learning outcomes. It leverages internet and social collaboration technologies for use cases unique to India and other developing nations. It supports multiple languages and is available for online and offline use.

Sunbird Vision - Technology as an enabler for lifelong learning

In this era, digital technology and social media are powerful instruments to mobilize people in every sphere  - from entertainment to infotainment, games to learning online, socializing to enterprise communication. Technological advances affect educational activities in profound ways and are changing  the way in which people teach and learn. The Internet and digital technology have democratised access to scarce resources and have shortened learning cycles, enabling individuals to do things that were once brokered by third parties (or not available at all). Learners research, communicate, transact, collaborate , measure impacts, analyse data and build intelligence, with just a few clicks. Skills that once took years or months to acquire are learned in a fraction of that time. With over 300 million Internet users in India, there is great demand for online and remote learning - especially in geographies that have a weak physical educational infrastructure.

Technology allows learners to access educational content and resources from  external content repositories like YouTube, etc. While the phenomenon of online education is primarily driven by technology, it is likely that people who  cannot afford high quality, offline education will benefit most. Online education serves not only students but also significantly helps teachers by allowing them to access resources for professional growth and development.

Today learning is not restricted to the four walls of a single educational or training institute. It is common for internships, projects, exchange programs and external trainings to be part of regular courses.Enabling, tracking and collating the activities, results and performance of students across industry, training and educational institutions  is a reality today. All future solutions for learning and teaching challenges need interconnected technology platforms that not only deliver educational content but also enable learners and teachers to collaborate with each other, sharing best practices and learning from one another.

Sunbird - The next generation societal learning platform

The gap in learning outcomes in India is a formidable issue that cannot be solved by a single stakeholder or a single solution or even in a single generation alone. This requires taking a societal platform approach. Societal Platforms leverage technology as a shared digital infrastructure, that enables open and affordable access to scarce resources as public goods. By raising the denominator and enabling free access to public good, they in turn enable innovation and co-creation where many innovators can leverage scarce resources and develop contextual solutions.Technology is only one of the key enablers required to solve this large, diverse and complex issue along with other factors like policy, incentives and content.As the magnitude of the scale required increases, deep investments in scalable architecture and technology becomes an imperative. Building such deep technology with the right architecture can turn into a rabbit hole for most enterprises because this requires not just resources but deep technical and architectural talent.

Sunbird is our endeavour to address these challenges and opportunities via a highly configurable, scalable and extensible open source Societal Platform software.

Sunbird's Unique Architecture

Sunbird is an open, configurable, modular learning platform designed to support multiple teaching and learning solutions. It raises the denominator for the edtech industry by providing well designed building blocks for education solutions. This accelerates and amplifies the development of new solutions for the education domain. Adopting organizations can re-purpose and extend functionality to suit their individual context.

Sunbird’s uniqueness lies in its focus on well architected common building blocks that can be orchestrated to create multiple solutions without a need to build from scratch. The architecture also allows for re-use of common infrastructure components such as taxonomy, frameworks, classroom efficiency tools, content assets and machine learning insights.   Show more...